How did it all start?

Exceptional Pets was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, in April of 2019. Our love for veterinary care begins with our roots in human medicine.

Our parent company, Exceptional Healthcare, was founded in Texas and has locations throughout the state. We are known for our Exceptional care for our patients.

Through the compassion we learned from providing emergency care to people, we realized we could extend our passion and empathy, to animals and their families. We know pets are important members of the family that deserve the same level of care that any two-legged members of the family would receive. Since we know our care of people is Exceptional, we also know we are just the ones to provide expert care to pets.

We chose Phoenix as our home because of the love for pets that already exists in the community. There are lots of places that help animals in beautiful Arizona, but none of them offer all the head to tail services we provide. With preventative and emergency veterinary care, day camp, resort lodging, salon, and retail services, we’ll be able to make sure every type of care your pet receives is Exceptional. We’re so excited to be in this wonderful community of pet lovers and look forward to getting to know every member of your family.

Our Community Members

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