Signs Your Cat is Stressed

It’s normal for cats to play, scratch and bite. But if you notice your cat is constantly losing their temper and responding aggressively to situations that are seemingly insignificant, then this is a classic sign of stress. The most important thing to remember is that cats can’t tell you when they’re stressed, just like we can’t tell them when we’re feeling stressed. This means that you’ll have to pay attention to the negative behaviors that occur after being stressed out. 


Stress in cats can be caused by a number of things


  • Stressful situations: Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment, so moving to a new house, a new apartment, or even an addition of a new pet can create stress. 


  • Loud noises: Loud disturbances are often stressful for cats as well. Many people do not realize that fireworks and thunderstorms can be very traumatic for them. 


  • Changes in your schedule: Cats thrive on routine so if you start going to bed later or get home from work later, this can cause stress for them. 


  • Cats are creatures of comfort: If anything stops being comfortable for them, it can cause stress. If your cat is sitting in the middle of the room rather than sleeping on their favorite blanket or toy, then this could be a sign they are stressed. 


  • Decreased appetite: If your cat is upset or stressed out, their first instinct will be to not eat anything at all. This is because many things that cause stress for humans cause upset stomachs for cats. Remember not to force them to eat if they aren’t hungry, but instead give them time and space to relax before trying again.

As you can see, there are many signs that a cat is experiencing stress. Many of these stressors can be recognized in a relatively short amount of time. However, if the problem persists or becomes more serious, you should consult a veterinarian to help identify and treat the stressor. This will ensure that your cat won’t succumb to an illness as a result of their stress.


We Can Help Your Cat At Exceptional Pets

If your cat is acting uncharacteristically aggressive or withdrawn, this could be an indicator that there is an underlying cause of stress. If you notice any of these signs, it is imperative that you take your cat to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. At Exceptional Pets, we offer high-quality care from our specialized vets and can take care of your pet. 

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