4 Tips to Make Your New Cat Feel Right at Home

Our pets give us unconditional love, and when we bring another home, we want them to know it’s accepted. Getting a new pet into your home can spark nervousness to excitement. Adding a new cat into your home, however, should be exciting!

Cats are more independent than many other animals, so they can often adjust quickly to changes in their environment.

Here are four simple tips for making your new cat feel right at home:

Introduce your new cat slowly.

Don’t just throw him in the carrier and bring him home—let him get used to his surroundings first. Leave the door open for a few days to explore your house and make friends with your other pets (if you have any).

Always think about what your cat needs and how much energy they have. Go slowly and create good memories for your cat.

Give them their own space.

Cats like to be near their humans, but they also need their own space to feel safe and secure from predators (like humans).

Consider putting up a couple of shelves or even a cat tree to climb up high and watch over everything happening in the house without getting in anyone’s way—especially yours!

Don’t be afraid of silence!

Cats are known for being quiet, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t meow. They’re probably just waiting for you to start talking again to respond in kind with a brief “meow” or two before going back into silence again!

Let your cat get used to her new surroundings by making lots of noise—play music and talk loudly—so that she feels comfortable with lots of different sounds and voices.

Please don’t force them to play when they don’t want to!

While it’s tempting as a human being to try and get your new pet engaged in activities that seem fun for us but aren’t necessarily satisfying for them (like chasing laser pointers or playing fetch), remember that every living creature has its own set of needs that must be met to flourish properly.


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