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3 Dental Care Tips To Keep Your Puppy’s Teeth Glowing

Dental care is an essential aspect of pet ownership. Our dogs cannot clean their own teeth, so it’s up to us to make sure their pearly whites continue to shine. However, too often owners neglect to brush their pet’s teeth, and the consequences can be devastating for your pet’s health, not to mention the bad breath!


 Be responsible for your pet’s dental hygiene  by reading these three dental care tips:


  • Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Every Day: Like humans, dogs need regular brushing to keep bacterial growth and plaque at bay. Daily brushing is the standard you should strive for to keep your pet’s mouth comfortable and clean.
  • Chew Treats: There are many treats designed to keep your puppy’s teeth clean. These dental chewies are never as effective as standard brushing, but they can be an excellent supplement to your pet’s dental regimen. 
  • Visit Your Vet For Teeth Cleaning: Your vet will be able to evaluate the condition of your dog’s teeth with a trained eye. With professional help, you will be able to identify if your dog is suffering from periodontal disease or more serious oral health issues. 


Never neglect your dog’s teeth! Regular brushing will ensure your dog stays healthy and comfortable throughout their life at your side. 


Choosing a Dentist for Your Dog

Dental care is essential for your pet’s health, that’s why it’s key to choose a pet care professional you trust. Here at Exceptional Pets, we strive to offer our beloved patients the treatment and care they need to live long and happy lives. 

Take care of your pup’s pearly whites by calling or visiting us today!

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