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5 Tips For Dogs Who Hate Teeth Brushing

Have you been searching for ways to clean your stubborn dog’s teeth? A problem many dog owners encounter is dogs who hate teeth brushing. In this article, you’ll learn some clever ways to get your dog used to the dental routine and make the activity less stressful for them. Dogs around the world have gotten over their hatred of teeth cleaning using these simple techniques. 


Start Without the Toothbrush

Your dog is likely struggling to get used to the idea of someone poking and moving around inside of their mouth. You would also be uncomfortable if a foreign object was shoved in your mouth! You should get your dog used to the teeth-brushing routine for a few days. While your dog is relaxed, lift up its mouth and gently press around its teeth and gums until they don’t mind it anymore!


Use Your Finger

As mentioned earlier, starting with a toothbrush may be too much for your dog to handle. After getting them used to having a finger in their mouth, you should also start their teeth-cleaning journey using one. You can wrap a piece of gauze around your finger for better results, which gets them used to the eventual use of a toothbrush.


Take It Slow

If you attempt to brush your dog’s teeth fast and rough within their first few sessions, they will only hate doing it even more. Start gently and take your time. If they get upset, wait for them to calm down and resume cleaning. It helps to have some treats with you to reward good behavior and teach proper habits!


Experiment With Different Flavors

There are many toothpaste flavors available for you to choose from for your dog’s enjoyment. If your dog hates teeth brushing, it may simply hate the taste of the toothpaste you’re using. Experiment with different flavors and find one your dog loves. Who knows, they may even begin loving having their teeth cleaned and start thinking of it as a treat!


Get a Soft Toothbrush

Your dog’s teeth and gums are sensitive, and it’s natural for them to struggle against something giving them pain or discomfort. Investing in a proper toothbrush designed for dogs can make a huge difference. Ensure the one you get is soft to avoid hurting them while brushing their teeth. 


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