The Importance of Socializing Your Pup

As responsible pet parents, we must help our companions grow and thrive. This means pushing our pups to make connections and play with other dogs. Sadly, if your pup is left unsocialized, he may get anxious around strangers and other dogs later in life. To make sure your pup is leading a happy and content life, read below to learn about the essential benefits of socializing your dog.


When should you start socializing with your puppy? According to the American Kennel Club, your puppy will be in his most impressionable social state during the first three months of his life. It’s up to you to do your best to safely expose your pup to new situations, people, and other dogs. This early interaction will make a huge difference in your dog’s overall personality and temperament that will help you forge a closer bond with your companion. 


However, never feel it is too late to socialize your dog. While puppies are more impressionable, older, less socialized dogs can still learn the confidence-boosting benefits of expanding their comfort zone. Never give up on your pup! No matter how anxious, or slow the training process may be, it’s well worth the time and dedication to grow your pup’s social skills and confidence. 


We’ll Help Socialize Your Dog At Exceptional Pets

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