3 Techniques to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

As a proud owner of a dog, you already know just how enthusiastic, curious, and energy-filled our canine friends can be. Dogs can get themselves into all sorts of trouble and mischief if their high levels of energy aren’t redirected and challenged with proper training. 


Below you will find three techniques that will help encourage positive behavior in your dog:


  • Train Your Pup to Follow Your Commands: If it takes multiple commands to get your pup to pay attention – they are not yet fully trained. You want your pooch to respond to your voice every time. To encourage this, simply be patient and use treats to reward and condition your dog to respond to your very first command.


  • Train Your Dog to Stop Barking: If your pup is excessively barking at every shadow that dares pass by your home – it’s time to introduce change. One solution: simply provide your pup with a selection of toys to keep them occupied and away from the curtains. Constant barking can be a sign of separation anxiety. To help calm your dog, ignore them when they are overly excited and reward them when they are calm. 


  • Stop Your Pet From Jumping Ahead: Dogs, as pack animals, naturally want to take the lead while on walks. Don’t allow your dog to take the lead, you are the leader, not them. Simply stop moving when your dog breaks ahead and look away from them until they sit down. Use training commands to encourage them to wait or slow down. Treats are an excellent tool to reinforce good behavior. 


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