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Anxiety In Dogs When Kids Go Back To School

Kids are back to school, and that means one thing: lots of changes in routine for the whole family, including the family pets. But it can also mean lots of anxiety for your dog, especially if they’re not used to being separated from the kids. If you have a dog that’s prone to separation anxiety, here are some tips on how you can help them through the transition during back-to-school season:


Give Your Dog Interactive Toys.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your dog has plenty of toys to play with. Toys that will keep them busy for hours can help keep your dog distracted from the kid’s absence. Dog behaviorists recommend interactive toys for keeping your dog entertained., and they provide mental stimulation and exercise opportunities and alleviate boredom.


  • Exercise Your Dog Regularly.

To help your dog get over the transition of kids going back to school, start by exercising them regularly. This will allow them to burn off any excess energy that might be building up, leading to anxiety. Take your dog on a walk around the neighborhood or at the dog park. This will give them a chance to explore and get some fresh air, which can benefit their overall mental health.


  • Put On Background Noise

When kids are at home, there is a lot of activity and noise in the household. Your dog gets used to this noise, and it becomes a part of their routine. However, when the kids go back to school, and the house becomes much quieter, your dog may become anxious because he is not used to the silence. To help ease their anxiety, you can put on background noise in the house, like a fun movie or their favorite music.


  • Take Your Dog To A Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare provides dogs with a safe, stimulating environment to run around and socialize with other dogs. This will help them get their energy out and make them feel less lonely during the day.


Doggy daycare staff are also trained in dog behavior and can help to provide you with advice on how to deal with any issues that may arise. If your dog has separation anxiety, taking them to doggy daycare is a great way to help them feel less stressed when their favorite human returns to school.


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