Four Reasons Why Your Dog is Isolating

Like humans, dogs can have complicated personalities and character quirks that can leave us newer pet parents scratching our heads. If your dog has been acting more distant lately, such as isolating in less-trafficked parts of the house or staying muted when they are usually vocal and affectionate, there is likely something bothering your pup. 


There are a host of possible reasons for your dog’s behavioral issues, but here we will cover some of the more likely causes for your dog’s out-of-character mood and hopefully give you some much-needed clarification.


As mentioned before, dogs can be deceptively complicated at times. Usually, a dog acting out of character is due to a combination of factors, but we will lay them out individually here:


  • Your Dog is Depressed: The root of your dog’s isolation can be due to depression. Has something changed in your household that your dog is not used to? Perhaps a bonded person or an owner has left? Taking stock of these possibilities is the first step towards figuring out why your dog is isolating.


  • Your Dog is Sick: If your dog is feeling sick, he’s likely to isolate. Keep on the lookout for signs of illness such as frequent vomiting or unhealthy poops. Another common culprit could be age-related diseases such as arthritis or hearing problems. If you suspect illness or injury is the cause of your dog’s isolation, contact your local vet right away for clarification.


  • Your Dog is Intimidated: Another cause could be your pup is simply intimidated by a certain person or another pet. In this case, be vigilant. Is someone misbehaving towards your beloved pooch? Uncalled for aggression or anger can intimidate your dog and cause them to become more avoidant. 


  • Your Dog Thinks He’s in Trouble: If you are prone to more strict measures of discipline for your pet, this could be the cause of your dog’s isolation. When a dog thinks he’s done wrong and is due for punishment, he’s likely to scamper away and hide. If you suspect this is the case, try being a little softer on your pooch by using positive reinforcement to reinforce good behavior. 


Any dog who is showing unusual behavior should be treated kindly, and with a little patience, and the help of your local vet, hopefully, your pup can be coaxed out of his isolating mood. 


Exceptional Pets is Here to Keep Your Pup Happy and Content

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