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Get Your Dog Groomed in Maricopa

Getting your pet groomed regularly helps them feel clean, healthy, and happy. If you’re in the Maricopa area and are looking for pet grooming options, it is important to find an experienced and professional pet groomer that knows what they’re doing. Proper grooming includes: 

  • Brush your pet’s fur to avoid any matting and to take out any excess dirt and debris. 
  • Brush your pet’s teeth with the proper toothbrush and paste. 
  • Wipe your pet’s paws with a clean towel after taking them outside on their walks. Oftentimes dirt and debris can get stuck underneath their feet. 
  • Give your pet a bath every few weeks. The frequency of baths should be discussed with your veterinarian. Some pets may require more frequent showers than others based on their breed and health history. 


While it’s important to groom your pet often, there are some grooming services that should be done by a professional. For example, cleaning a dog’s ears is a delicate task that requires expertise and knowledge to do. A dog’s ears are magnets for insects and dirt and should be treated with extreme care when cleaning. Trimming a pet’s nails should be done by a professional with the correct equipment. Accidentally cutting too much of the nails can result in bleeding and pain for your dog. 


Consider grooming facilities that offer a full suite of services. Ask the staff any questions you have beforehand so you feel comfortable that your pet will be treated properly and with care.

We Can Give Your Pet a Professional Groom

At Exceptional Services at Maricopa, we provide safe and relaxing grooming services in a state-of-the-art facility. Our groomers are highly trained and have years of experience in pampering even the most anxious pets. Contact us if you have any questions or stop by and visit us!

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