Helping Your Dog During Back-To-School Season

Going back to school isn’t just stressful for the kids; it can also be a difficult time for your dog. Back-to-school season means fewer people in the house and less attention for your precious pooch. Don’t just help the kids; help your dog adjust to the new back-to-school schedule!


Continue the Special Days

One reason your dog loves summer and why it’s so hard on them to adjust is that summer usually means extra special days for them. Beach trips, park visits, and mountain vacations are all par the course for a usual family summer holiday with your dog. When school starts, they may have trouble adjusting to not having any of that anymore. It helps to make your dog’s days still feel special, even when it’s back-to-school season. Take them out during the weekends, or plan a trip when the family gets some time off!


Exercise and Playtime

Before the kids went to school, your dog was enjoying full days of playing whenever they wanted with their favorite people. That physical activity that they get is something they love like no other. Your dog often gets sad during the back-to-school season because that means an empty home with no one to play with anymore. It’s a significant adjustment to their daily routine that can be hard to adjust to for most active pups. The best way to help your dog adjust to its new routine is to not change it up too drastically. Give them the same amount of physical exercise, just do it when the family is available. A long walk in the morning and playtime when the family gets home is more than enough for your active dog!


Don’t Forget to Give Them Attention

Back-to-school season is especially rough on dogs because of their love for attention. During summertime, everyone is home, receiving all the attention they could ever hope to receive. Suddenly, summer ends, leaving them with an empty house for hours until their favorite humans return. One way to help your pooch adjust to the woes of having no one to give them attention during the day is to bombard them with attention when you can! In the mornings, before heading off to school or work, give them cuddles, pets, and playtime so they get their fill. Upon getting back home, give them extra attention, so they don’t dwell on the time they were left alone!


Back-to-School Made Easy With Exceptional Pets

Exceptional Pets Chandler is there when your dog needs it the most. Our full-service facility is open and excited to welcome every dog into our caring fur family. Back-to-school season can be difficult for your dogs, but we can help you with that! Doggie daycare is a fantastic option for pet owners who are struggling to find time for their canine companion with all the business of the school season. Book a free meet & greet with us and your pet, so we can figure out how to give them the best care possible!