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Here’s How You Can Help Your Puppy Cope With Back-To-School Stress

Back-to-school season is an overall stressful time for the family; your dog is no exception to that! Dogs naturally stay in packs, and with their pack leaving them alone every day to go off to school and work, it can seriously strain their mental health. Every responsible dog owner should know the tips to help their precious pooch cope during the back-to-school transition!


Prepare Them

The new routine stemming from the back-to-school season is more than likely going to cause some stress and other problems for your dog. The last thing you want to do is make that transition abrupt and a surprise for them. The best course of action would be to ease them into their new routine. Even if they don’t accept it at first, they will eventually get used to it and understand that things will be like that for a while. Start by giving them walks during the hours your family is available. Typically during the early morning before school starts and in the afternoon when the family gets back. Also, let them get accustomed to the new feeding schedules and separation from the family as early as possible!


Make Them Feel Loved

Your dog doesn’t exactly understand what school is or why the family is leaving them alone now after spending so much time with them. Because of that, they may start to wonder if you love them less or if they did anything wrong to upset the family. The best way to offset that is to let your dog feel the family’s love, even if you guys have to leave the house empty for hours every day. You can do this by making sure the dog gets enough attention when the family’s home. Make them feel special by bringing them home gifts or giving them a treat upon arrival. The little things add up and make your dog feel great!


Consider Doggie Daycare

Understandably, the stress of work, the children’s schooling, and other responsibilities may be too much to bear, and adding a stressed and anxious dog into the mix would be unfeasible. Luckily, some institutions serve to help pet owners with this struggle. Doggie daycare is an alternative for busy dog owners that places their dog under the care of trained professionals. Your dog will love the activities, attention, and socialization they get from these places!


Help Your Puppy Cope With Stress at Exceptional Pets

Exceptional Pets Maricopa are a full-service location for all your pet needs. Whether it’s veterinary care or grooming, we have got you covered with our exceptional facility and staff. Back-to-school season can be tough on your pup, and we’re here to change that. Schedule a free meet & greet session with Exceptional Pets to help your puppy cope with the stress!

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