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Holiday Pet Safety: Aid Your Pets’ Health This Holiday

Holiday celebrations can be a great time to spend with family and friends, but they also present new hazards that may harm your pet. With all the fun and festivities, it is easy to forget that our pets have different needs than us. They are not aware of the dangers they may encounter during this time, and they can be easily injured by festive decorations or food items.

The following tips can help you keep your pet safe during the holidays:

Holiday Food Hazards

Foods that are typically safe for people may contain ingredients or additives that are harmful to animals. Some examples include:

  • Fatty foods: Your dog can easily access fatty foods from a spilled gravy boat or a forgotten bowl of egg nog. Fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, a painful condition requiring medical attention. Opt for non-fatty options like carrots, pumpkin, green beans or peas if you want to give your pet some holiday treats.
  • Chocolate: Theobromine is an ingredient found in chocolate. It can be poisonous to dogs and other pets, even in small doses, so it’s important not to give them any chocolate. Theobromine can cause a number of health issues in dogs, but its most significant effect is the over-excitation of their muscles and heart.
  • Raisins, grapes: Raisins or grapes are used as ingredients in many holiday baked goods. However, you should avoid feeding your pet any treats that contain these items because they can lead to kidney failure—even if consumed in small amounts.
  • Turkey bones: Turkey bones are brittle and can easily splinter, which can cause immediate or long-term damage to your pet’s digestive system. If you insist on giving your dog turkey for dinner, remove the bones and any other fatty tissue before serving.
  • The trash can: Animals can get into trash cans and eat anything, including food items that may be harmful to their health.


Festive Decorations

We love decorating our homes during the festive season, but pet parents need to be extremely careful when it comes to decorations.

  • Tinsel and ribbons: The most common concern is the use of tinsel, which can be deadly if swallowed by your dog or cat. If a string-like item such as tinsel or ribbon is ingested, one end can get stuck while the rest of it gets pulled into the intestine, causing serious damage along the way.

If the intestines contract during digestion, they can tear as your dog’s stomach tries to move tinsel or ribbons through it.

  • Christmas tree: The tree should have a barricade and be kept away from your pet’s reach. The tree could tip over and fall on your pet, causing serious injury. In addition, your pet could drink the stagnant water in your tree, which can make him or her sick due to harmful bacteria.

To prevent pet emergencies during the holidays, make sure to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind as you decorate for Christmas and prepare a festive feast. 

Exceptional Pets Mesa Is Here To Offer Superior Care This Festive Season

You can rely on Exceptional Pets Mesa as a source of excellent care for your pet throughout all phases of its life. Our staff is passionate about providing the best possible care for your pet during the holidays.

Call us at 623-292-3285 if you are concerned about something your pet ingested.

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