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How Often Should You Bathe Your Pup?

Dogs are absolutely “man’s best friend”, but sometimes, our beloved companions can really stink up the house! This leaves us, pet parents, wondering how often exactly we should bathe our dogs? 


Bath time can be hit or miss for both us and our pooches. Some dogs are excellent bathers and can easily endure a bath with little protest. But, some of us pet parents aren’t as blessed and may have a particularly hard time getting our pup into the tub once the bathwater starts running. 


No matter your dog’s temperament, it’s important not to be negligent with your dog’s bathing to maintain the highest quality of life. So stay tuned for some beginner tips to determine how often you should bathe your dog.


Right off the bat, it’s good to mention that a good rule of thumb is to bathe your dog at least once every three months, at a minimum. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on the type of coat your pup sports and the lifestyle you lead with your pet. 


Here are factors you should consider when determining how often you should put your dog in the tub:

  • Lifestyle: If your dog frequents the outdoors, he’s likely to accumulate a lot more dirt and grime than a more indoor-oriented dog, who will naturally be cleaner. 
  • Coat: Assess the type of coat your dog has. Every breed comes with a unique kind of coat, varying in thickness and length. It’s essential to understand that a dog with longer hair will require more hygiene upkeep compared to a short-haired breed!
  • Health: If your dog has special needs, such as dry skin challenges, it’s up to you to fulfill their needs and bathe them regularly with special shampoos to ease their condition.  
  • Odor: One of the quickest determiners for when your pup needs a bath is when simply when they start noticeably smell! If your dog has a ripe odor permeating the household, it’s clear it’s time for a thorough wash. 


For both you and your pet’s comfort, it’s fundamental as a responsible pet parent to not ignore your pup’s need for regular and consistent bathing.


We’ll Keep Your Pup Clean At Paws & Pals Resort

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