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How Soon Can Kittens Be Adopted? How To Know When To Bring A Kitten Home

A brand-new kitten is one of the cutest things you can imagine, and cat lovers long to take one home because of its playful personality and tiny meows. But be careful; when kittens are separated from their mother too early, the adverse effects can last their whole life. 


Kittens can be adopted at an early age, depending on the situation, but you should be aware of the potential problems. Here’s what you need to know about kitten adoption:

Best Age For Adoption

Kittens are generally ready for adoption around 8-10 weeks of age and should have been weaned and vaccinated by this time. As with many creatures, kittens need their mothers’ care and support in their earliest weeks. 


Kittens are socialized by their mother and littermates from birth, meaning they learn to interact with other cats. Kittens who are taken away from their mothers at too young an age tend to be shy or fearful around other animals when they grow up. The kittens also learn valuable behaviors from their moms, including burying waste, hunting for prey, and grooming.


For the first few weeks of a kitten’s life, its mother provides most of its nutrition. A kitten is fully weaned by eight weeks, but for the first two weeks, they drink only his mom’s milk. This provides antibodies to help prevent infections, particularly within the first 24 hours,

Risks of Adopting a Kitten Too Soon

Kittens have been known to become sick or die when separated from their mothers early on in life due to the stress of being separated and the lack of proper nutrition.


Here are the most common risks involved with bringing a kitten home too soon:


Susceptible to Illness: Kittens are naturally weaned from their mothers’ milk at around eight weeks of age, but if they are taken away too soon, they can have trouble growing and adapting. In the case of orphaned kittens or those who are weaned too soon, a kitten formula designed specifically for them should be used for bottle feeding.


There is still the possibility that young kittens will not get all the antibodies that they would have received from their mother’s milk, leading to stunted growth and illness.


Behavioral Problems: Kittens are also more likely to develop behavioral problems later in life if they were taken away from their mother too early, as this can cause them to have difficulty socializing when they grow up. When kittens are weaned before eight weeks of age, they are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior toward people and other cats. 


Early separation from their mothers may prevent kittens from learning how to use the litter box. It usually takes kittens around eight weeks to use the litter box effectively; premature separation may delay their learning.


To sum up, adopting a kitten is a great way to bring love into your life. But you should know that if you’re thinking about adopting a kitten, it can take some time before they are ready for adoption. The most important thing is that even though it may take longer than usual, it’s worth the wait.

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