How to Stop Your Pup From Stumbling On Hardwood Floors

Dogs naturally have excellent traction outside, but things are not so great when it comes to indoor spaces. Many of us pet parents aren’t strangers to seeing our pups glide around our homes like a clumsy ice skater. But this isn’t a matter of comedy or lighthearted fun. Eventually, that funny gliding and sliding could result in an injury when your dog slips and pulls a muscle or tears a ligament.


When our pups are young and strong, it might not seem as big of an issue, but as they age, these incidents can easily become dangerous for dogs’ health, and need to be addressed before a trip to the vet is needed.  


There are many options available to help your dog get a better grip in your home, but here are three easy solutions you can quickly and easily apply to your pup to make their stay in your home a lot more safe and comfortable:


  • Toenail Grips: Dogs naturally have excellent traction outside, but things are not so great when it comes to indoor spaces. If your dog is gliding uncontrollably in the home, get him some toenail grips! They’re simple to apply and will offer your dog greatly improved traction for hard slippery flooring. 


  • Trim those nails: As a dog’s nails grow, their ability to balance fully on their toe pads is jeopardized. Your dog’s putting more weight on the tips of his nails! Simply put, giving your dog’s nails a trimming could solve your pup’s slippery problem.


  • Invest in Doggie Paw Wax: A quick and easy way to keep your dog’s paws clean and safe from hot asphalt in the summer or icy sidewalks in winter is by using a doggie paw wax. Paw wax acts as an adhesive between your dog’s paw pads and the ground. This allows your dog more traction on slippery surfaces, making him feel more secure when going up or downstairs or walking on ice-covered sidewalks.


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