Is Turkey Bad for Dogs? Holiday Tips for Your Pets

Looking to let your dog share in the holiday feasts this year? Turkey is often a popular choice during the holidays, and it never fails to leave dogs drooling for a piece. In this article, you’ll learn about feeding your dog turkey and how to do it the right way. This information has saved dog owners from plenty of turkey-related accidents.


Can Dogs Eat Turkey

Technically, dogs can eat turkey without any significant complications. Turkey itself is not poisonous or toxic for your dog. In fact, it can be pretty healthy for them if it is appropriately prepared. Turkey meat is high in protein and the main component of many dog foods in the market. If it is cooked plainly without any other additives, it’s a perfectly fine treat for your precious pooch. However, your Thanksgiving turkey will likely not be cooked plainly and contain many bad things for dogs.


Turkey Bones

You absolutely must not feed your dog any turkey bones this Thanksgiving. When poultry bones are cooked, they become incredibly brittle. In addition to their small size, it makes these bones a severe threat to your dog’s health.


Chewing on these bones will crush them into sharp shards that can injure your dog from the inside. Swallowing bone shards can cause internal bleeding as they pass through the digestive tract. To make things worse, turkey bones are small enough to get stuck in your dog’s throat and cause them to choke.


How to Prepare Turkey For Your Dog

If you’re set on feeding your dog some turkey, you need to ensure it’s safe and relatively healthy for them to eat. First of all, the turkey’s skin is high in fat which can easily upset your dog’s stomach. You need to ensure they are eating only the meat of the turkey and nothing else. Onions and garlic are incredibly toxic for dogs, so ensure none when you feed your pooch. Lastly, check for any bones or bone shards, as these need to be removed.


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