Is Your Dog Food-Obsessed? How to Curb Your Dog’s Appetite

Feeding your dog can be a fun experience for both of you. It may be cute to watch them eat and drool in expectation of their meals, but too much can become a severe problem. Food obsession in dogs isn’t something to make light of, and it can quickly turn into health and weight issues. Every responsible dog owner needs to know how to keep their dog feeling full and curb their enormous appetite!


Keep Them Occupied

Dogs, like humans, love to eat food. Food-obsessed dogs can’t get enough of the delicious meals you feed them, and eating with them is a fantastic activity and something they get excited over. If you want to curb your dog’s appetite, you need to keep them occupied with other exciting activities. Play with them often and plan fun activities such as walks and trips to the park. Many dogs beg for food because they are bored and have nothing else on their mind!


Exercise and Discipline

When humans exercise rigorously, it often boosts our appetite to supply the energy and nutrients the body needs. However, in dogs, it can actually curb their desire to eat more food. A dog that has been exhausted mentally and physically will be too tired to demand more meals. Just remember to supply enough nutrition to supplement the exercise they are doing. Furthermore, a well-trained and disciplined dog will often think twice about begging for food when they know they shouldn’t!


Nutrition and Meals

It may seem counterproductive to focus on their nutrition and what you feed your dog when you are trying to curb their appetite. However, a balanced diet of dog-friendly foods is critical to keep them from wanting more. Remember that dogs have junk food too. For them, junk food is treats, highly processed food, and human delicacies. If you often give your dog food off your own table, then they will indeed have their mouths watering for more! A healthy diet that fills them up nicely is just as effective and delicious, plus it’s even healthier for them!


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