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Limber Tail: What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About It

A dog’s tail is an integral part of its body, and it can help the dog communicate with other dogs and humans, allow the dog to regulate its temperature, and even be used as a rudder when swimming!

But what happens when your dog can’t use its tail properly? That’s where the limber tail comes in. A limber tail is a condition where the dog’s tail loses its ability to move freely, causing stiffness and pain.

While this condition is common in many breeds of dogs, it’s most common in German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Irish Setters.

The cause of the limber tail isn’t fully understood at this time, but there are some things that you can do to help your dog feel better if they start showing signs of a limber tail.


Symptoms of a Limber Tail

The most significant sign of a limber tail is a pain in your dog’s hind legs when you try to wag them back and forth. If you notice this symptom in your dog, it’s time to visit the vet!

You may also notice difficulty standing up straight with your dog walking around more slowly than usual—this could be another sign of a limber tail.

Therefore, you should talk to your veterinarian about treating your dog’s symptoms and what they mean in terms of treatment options. But if there’s no pain or discomfort associated with the growth, you may not need any treatment.


What Causes Limber Tail?

Limber tail happens when a dog may have injured their tail while playing with another dog or fallen off something high like a chair or table.

It could also have been injured by an owner trying too hard to groom them and accidentally pulling too hard on their fur, where it connects to the tailbone area of their body.

Also, exposure to cold weather, climate changes, and prolonged crate confinement can cause a limber tail.


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