New Pet Owners: Be Sure to Socialize Your New Puppy!

Socializing is important not only for humans but young puppies as well. When a puppy is truly young, within the range of 3 months — it’s essential to actively expose your puppy to as many new stimuli as possible. 


Young pups who are regularly exposed to new people and other dogs gain a much healthier and secure sense of emotional stability than a pup with a more isolated upbringing. 


Why is it Important to Socialize Your Puppy?

The purpose of socialization is to go beyond just adjusting to the presence of other dogs and people, but to prepare your companion for all sorts of sights, sounds, and experiences the world has to offer. 


With the right amount of socialization and exposure to the world and its inhabitants, your dog will have a much easier time adjusting to the presence of novel stimuli such as children or car rides.


Socializing a puppy can be hard work but don’t be discouraged if your dog is shy, old, or young. With practice, your dog can ease into the socially active and lively life they deserve!


We’ll Help You on Your New Pet Parent Journey at Exceptional Pets

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