Protecting Our Cats From Christmas Decoration Hazards

The Christmas season is a time for decorating our houses with shiny, colourful items. Shiny new decorations can be fun for cats to play with—and keep us on our toes! As pet parents, we need to be aware of some hazards associated with Christmas decorations so our cats can have a safe and fun holiday season.

The Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be irresistible to cats. They may climb the tree and knock off ornaments, which can break and cut them. The branches of your Christmas tree may also be hazardous if they have sharp points that could poke your pet’s eyes or nose while he is playing with them. The tree water can pose a health risk to your feline friend, who could become ill if the water is contaminated with bacteria.

Pet parents should place a sturdy barrier around the Christmas tree to keep curious kitties from getting into some mischief with it.

Snow Globes

Some snow globes contain ethylene glycol (antifreeze), a highly toxic substance to all pets. A broken snow globe could spill, and your cat may be drawn by the sweet smell of the liquid and lick it up. This could lead to fatal intoxication if left untreated. Broken shards of glass could also injure your pet.

Festive Plants

Holly, mistletoe, Amaryllis, poinsettias- these eye-catching holiday plants can be very dangerous for your cat. Holly and mistletoe contain a toxin that can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and even seizures in severe cases. The Amaryllis contains toxic alkaloids, the highest concentration being in its bulb. If it is ingested by a cat, vomiting and changes in blood pressure are likely to occur. Tremors or seizures could also result from such ingestion. If you have a cat or any other pets, it is recommended to avoid these plants or opt for their plastic counterparts. 

Christmas Lights

When you decorate for Christmas with lights, be sure to hide the wires so that your pets can’t chew on them and get an electric shock. You might also want to put away any decorations or electrical cords that look enticing if they’re within reach of your pet—they could get tangled up in them by accident.

Tinsel and Ribbons

Cats are naturally curious animals, and the temptation of shiny, glittery ribbons or tinsel can be too much for them. These types of decorations could be harmful if swallowed because they can get caught in your pet’s throat or intestines, causing choking or perforations. In addition, ribbons can get tangled around your cat’s neck, causing strangulation.

If you want to use these decorations in your home, be sure that they are out of reach of your cat or avoid using them as part of your decoration altogether.

While we would like to go crazy with the decorations during the festive season, it’s important to remember that they are a potential hazard for your cat. If you have any decorations that could be harmful to your pet, it’s best to keep them out of reach or remove them altogether.

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