Signs That Your Pet is Stressed and How to Help Them Cope

Being stressed is a terrible feeling that everyone can relate to and knows quite well. This feeling is no different in your beloved pets. When people feel stressed, the first thing they want to do is get rid of whatever is stressing them and relax. 


The problem is, your pets often can do this by themselves, and they may need your help to do so. Understanding what causes your pet’s stress and knowing how to deal with it is essential for any good companionship.


Watch How They Act

Take some time and observe how your pet behaves and take note of this. Usually, when pets start to feel stressed, they begin to act differently and show indications that they are not feeling well. It can be anything from avoiding you to acts of disobedience. It’s up to you to notice the signs they are showing and start to act upon them. Here are some common symptoms of stress and how you can help your pet:


Wants to Be Alone 

If your typically clingy pet stays away from you or actively avoids being with people, they may feel overwhelmed by something. It’s best to give them space in this scenario and leave them in a friendly and quiet room where they can recharge. 

Acts of Disobedience

Animals that feel stressed often can’t control themselves, and they have to release this feeling through unintentional acts of disobedience. If you find that your pet scratched up your furniture or peed where they aren’t supposed to, don’t immediately lash out at them. Assess the situation before you discipline them, as that could add to their stress further.

Pacing and Making Noise

When animals feel threatened by something, they instinctively walk around and make noise. It is their body’s way of showing this kind of stress. Find out what they are getting overwhelmed by and take it away from them so that they can calm down.

Body Language

Unfortunately, your pet can’t frown as humans do, so you need to look into the subtle changes in their body language. Check their ears if they are in an alert position or pinned back on their head, as these indicate fear or aggression. Also, look at their eyes and check if they are more diluted due to the stress. Avoid overwhelming them further and try to calm them down serenely. 


How to Help Your Pet Cope with Stress

The first thing you should do when you know your pet is stressed is to find the cause of the stress to deal with it properly. This stressor could be anything from loud machinery to simple boredom. Furthermore, you should do activities your pet enjoys to help ease their minds. Play with them, do some exercise, or even give a couple of treats to boost their mood!


Help Your Pet Cope with Stress at Exceptional Pets

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