Tips And Advice For Crating Our Green Valley Dogs

As a pet owner, your pets mean so much to you, and it’s essential that they have access to a suitable space so they can be comfortable and happy. The best way to do this is by crate training them. Crating is a super-effective way to keep your dog safe and secure while they are at home alone or while you’re out of the house.

Why Crate A Dog?

Essentially, crating or crate training means guiding or training your dog to retreat to its crate when required or when you want them to be contained. As part of crate training, you want your dog to see its crate not as a threat but as a haven. 

As “den” creatures, dogs naturally seek out small spaces for refuge as a form of protection. When your dog feels anxious, scared, or just needs some quiet time, having a safe spot to retreat to will offer them peace of mind

Crates provide sleeping space for particularly nosy dogs, especially at night, so you don’t have to worry about your dog misbehaving in the house. Also, a crate is an excellent place for a dog to rest and relax during the day while you’re at work without worrying about them destroying your home.

Selecting The Right Crate

When choosing the right crate for your dog, there are a few essential considerations. Choose a crate that’s appropriate for your dog’s size and breed. You don’t want to use a crate too small for them; otherwise, it can lead to stress and behavioral issues. The size of the crate should be large enough so that they can stand up and turn around comfortably. Also, check out how easy it is to clean because if they get dirty inside.

The Crate Training Process

Here are some tips for making sure your dog feels comfortable and safe in its new space.

Use food and treats: The first step to crate training your Green Valley dog is introducing them to the crate. Place a treat in the center of the crate, open the door and wait for your dog to go in. Repeat this process several times until they become comfortable with being inside the crate without interacting with you. Then start closing the door in small sections of time (perhaps only 10 minutes) at a time until, eventually, they will get used to the door being closed while they are sitting inside the crate.

Do not use the crate as punishment: When crate training your dog, avoid using the crate as punishment. The crate should be a safe space where your dog can feel secure and comfortable. If you use it as a punishment, then your dog will associate it with negative experiences.

Don’t rush the process: When crate training your dog, don’t rush the process. The goal is to get your dog comfortable in the crate, not just to teach him how to get into it. If he isn’t ready for a crate yet, don’t force him—wait until he’s older and more mature.

Remember to give your dog their toys and treats to keep them busy and entertained during their crate time. The most important thing is to make sure that your dog is happy and comfortable. 

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