‘Tis the Season for Holiday Pet Safety: Celebrating Christmas With Pets

Christmas is just around the corner, which means spending time with the whole family. Your pet is a part of the family and a member you need to protect all the same. In this article, you’ll learn about holiday safety of your pet when celebrating Christmas


Careful With the Tree

Christmas just isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. These trees are a staple of the holiday season and are the best way to set the holiday mood. However, for pets, these trees are basically one significant hazard for their curious minds.

Christmas trees are natural but often coated with preservatives to keep them lasting throughout the holidays. These chemicals are toxic for pets if they ingest the pines or lick the tree. Christmas trees are often heavily decorated. While it’s alright to decorate your tree, there are some decorations you should avoid for safety reasons. Tinsel should be avoided as it can ball up inside your pet if ingested. Small ornaments and ones made of glass are also choking hazards for pets that can do a lot of damage inside of them.


Christmas Lights and Candles

With tons of new decor being hung around the house during Christmas, it’s not uncommon for pets to get tempted to play with them. The decor you absolutely don’t want your pet playing with is Christmas lights and candles. 

If your pet chews or pees on the cord or wires of these lights, they could get severely electrocuted. With candles, they could get burnt or set fire to your house if you let them play around them too much. To avoid any potentially dangerous accidents, tuck your Christmas lights into places your pet can’t reach. 


Christmas Plants

Some people like to use real plants when decorating for Christmas. Certain Christmas plant staples are actually quite toxic for pets. Mistletoe is a famous one that can cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. Aside from mistletoe, you need to be wary of holly and poinsettias as well. Always check first if the plants you decide to use as decorations will be toxic for your pet.


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