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Understand Your Senior Dog’s Arthritis

Your senior pets are dealing with more than just the effects of aging: they are having to navigate the changing landscape of their bodies, too. The biggest culprit behind their discomfort? Arthritis. With their bodies slowly wearing down and losing their flexibility, your older pup will be slowing down and showing signs of pain.


Here are three key symptoms of arthritis in dogs:


  • Desire to remain inactive: You may notice your pet’s energetic routines begin to change. The desire to play or go out for a walk is replaced with tired indifference or an unusually slow pace.


  • Limping: Dogs that are experiencing arthritic pain typically favor one limb over the other. They will also display stiffness when rising from a resting position or after being seated for a period of time. This is because their arthritic joints are inflamed and stiff until they’ve been moved through their full range of motion several times.


  • Change in Routine: Arthritic pets often change their routine habits because they are in pain. They may no longer exhibit the same high energy levels as before their illness and may show signs of isolation and retraction from their former social self.


If your dog has arthritis, their quality of life may be severely impacted. If this is the case, talk to your veterinarian about potential treatment options. In addition to pain relief, there are dietary choices and supplements that can help support your pet’s health as they age. It is important to catch arthritis in its earlier stages so you can start treatment as soon as possible. As a result, it is important to keep an eye out for any behavioral changes associated with the condition, especially if your dog is normally active and playful.


We Can Give Your Pet Relief at Exceptional Pets

At Exceptional Pets, we value your pet’s health and happiness, so we strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care to every animal that steps through our door. Our staff is made up of true animal lovers who understand the bond between pets and their families and take great joy in helping animals get well. 

This is what drives us to work hard every day, providing excellent services including wellness exams and checkups, surgical procedures, dental care, dermatology and many others. We take our time with every appointment so you never feel rushed or pressured. Please call or visit us today to make your pup’s next appointment.

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