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Why is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

Many pet parents believe that your puppy’s nose is a guide to their health. A dry and cracked nose is believed to cause illness and dismay, while a wet nose is thought to be a quality of a healthy and happy pup. But according to experts, it’s not as black and white as many of us have grown to believe. Here are some reasons why your dog’s nose might be dry that doesn’t involve them being sick:

  • Your dog’s getting old: Some dogs simply develop dry noses as they age, it’s natural. 
  • The elements: If your dog is frequently exposed to sunlight or cold wind, your dog’s nose may naturally become dry. 
  • Napping: If your pup just got up from a nap, there’s a good chance their nose will be dry since they weren’t awake to lick it. 
  • Dehydration: If your pup is regularly exercised, the strain of physical activity can lead to dehydration and a dry nose. Always keep on top of your companion’s water intake while engaged in physical activity 

The fact remains, checking the coloration of your dog’s gums will often give you more insight into their health than the wetness of their nose. A good standard is to check to see if your pet’s gums are healthy pink, or if they pale, which could be a sign of serious underlying health issues such as anemia. Any signs of red or purple gums should be investigated by a veterinarian immediately. 


We’ll Monitor Your Pup’s Health at Exceptional Pets

If you’re worried that your dog’s dry nose may be a sign that they are sick, don’t hesitate to bring them over to Exceptional Pets. We are a full-service vet clinic with a skilled team that promises to provide your pet with quick and stress-free care that will leave their tail wagging. If your companion’s health is in jeopardy, don’t hesitate to call or visit our site today to make an appointment. 

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