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Cave Creek

4725 E. Carefree Highway
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331 [email protected]

Services Available &
Hours of Operation

Veterinary Care

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Wednesday & Sunday: Closed

Pet Grooming

Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Pet Food & Supplies

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Pet Boarding & Dog Day Camp

Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm

Dog Training

Please call

Why Take a Dog Training Class?

A Free Introduction Workshop for Humans

45-60 mins.
This workshop is designed to introduce owners who have not taken a dog training class or may not feel they need to.

Objectives to be addressed:

+ Maximizing your communication with your dog
+ Minimizing potential liabilities with dog ownership
+ Preventing undesired behaviors
+ Preventing dangerous behaviors before they start
+ Correcting bad behaviors already started
+ A good dog has a job

Training Packages


$ 175
  • Level 1 Class
  • 7 weeks ($25/session)


$ 175
  • Level 2 Class
  • 7 weeks

Leadership & Obedience

$ 175
  • Level 3 Class
  • 7 weeks

Behavioral Modification Class

$ 299
  • Level 4 Class
  • One on one
  • 4 weeks package

Basic Agility for Fun

$ 175
  • 7 weeks

Behavioral Consultation and Assessment

$ 75
  • 45 min session
  • One on one

Puppy Package

$ 450
  • Includes Puppy Level 1 and 2 plus one adult class

Leadership & Obedience Package

$ 299
  • Includes additional basic agility for fun

Board & Train Packages

  • 1 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 2 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 3 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 1 week – 2 x per day - 45 min session
  • 2 week – 2 x per day - 45 min session
  • 3 week – 2 x per day - 45 min session
  • 1 week (Minimum) – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 2 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 3 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session
  • 4 week – 1 x per day - 45 min session


Dog Trainer

Jacqueline is a 5th generation native to Arizona. She grew up in Prescott amongst a family of horse trainers, raising cattle. Jacqueline trained a couple horses aside from the cattle, the family always had a couple different breeds of dogs and she got involved through 4-H and FFA. She moved to Phoenix and got her first personal dog. Still working with horses, she sent her dog off to training. The results of the dogs training prompted her to compete, and she became active within AKC dog sports. After completion of two internships, one for herding and another with a police officer for advanced obedience, Jacqueline hired on with a small company to train service dogs, gaining experience in another discipline. During this time, she had been gifted by her teachers, a border collie and Belgian Malinois, who both became multi titled dogs with AKC. In anticipation of growth, she bought a high bred Dalmatian show dog and began building her own training name. Jacqueline traveled to Texas to continue education before returning to Phoenix, adding up 7 years of dog training. Training is a way of life, the only one she knows. While, the transition was simple, why she keeps training is not:

Her Belgian Malinois is Jacqueline’s greatest accomplishment in training, she feels. The dog she has now is a totally different dog than the one she received. One night, a party just after her first intern, Jacqueline started her truck up. Suddenly it shut off. Her Malinois, had the keys dangling from her mouth. Taking the keys, Jacqueline tried again to the same result. She tried again. Same result. Waiting a minute and trying again, she was successful, and started up the vehicle and backed out. As she shifted gears to drive, a car flew past into a car at the stop sign and pushed it into main traffic; both being t boned. Her dog saved her life on more than instinct and Jacqueline believes through patience and training, proper communication; everyone can achieve that same level of bond.