Payment Options

Our Payment Options
At Exceptional Pets, we understand medical emergencies can happen right before bills are due. Poor timing shouldn’t prevent your pet from receiving the best care.

We know unexpected medical expenses can’t always be low-cost…

That’s why we’re here to help…

With loving care and payment options.

When your pet needs care, we don’t want you to be stressed by finances. We want to focus on getting your pet the quality care they need.

We now proudly offer Care Credit! Care Credit is for both human and pet health and allows you zero-interest payment plans for six months for veterinary care expensing more than $200. It’s easy to apply and application results are instant. Apply here:

We now proudly offer ScratchPay! ScratchPay is for both human and pet health and allows you to receive care first and pay later with their amount-based loans. ScratchPay allows you to submit the amount you’re looking to borrow and ScratchPay will provide you with a plan or plan options, usually with little to no interest, for up to six months. ScratchPay allows you to approve the loan terms or decline and not obligated to anything by checking the plans ScratchPay offers you, based on the amount.–table

  • No credit check

We are happy to answer any questions if you call any of our veterinary service locations. We look forward to ensuring your pet gets the care they need and deserve.

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