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4 Dog Grooming Trends to Watch For


According to the 2019 – 2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, pet owners collectively spend around $10.3 billion annually on grooming services, boarding, training, and other services outside of vet care and product sales. Many people want their animals primped and pampered — and grooming services benefits their dog’s physical health and appearance. Each breed of dog will have specific needs that must be met, and there are many grooming services and products available to meet demand. We’ve highlighted five grooming trends that are making tails wag.

Natural Dog Grooming Products

In many industries, consumers are demanding more natural alternatives to be sustainable. This trend has made its way into the pet industry and dog owners are looking for ways to groom their pets with products that contain more natural ingredients. In doing so, they are not only decreasing their carbon footprint (or pawprint) but emphasizing greater health and well-being for their furry companions. 

Creative Dog Grooming Styles

In recent years, dog owners have gotten more creative when it comes to their dog’s cuts, opting for more styles and colors. Poodles, in particular, have been used as a canvas to create astonishing designs on their coats. Over 5,000 people flock to Hershey, Pennsylvania to take part in the Groom Expo, where expert groomers showcase, design, and compete against other groomers in creating colorful concepts on dogs. While this tends to be on the more extreme end of dog grooming, it shows groomers are becoming more conceptual with pet’s fur much like hairdressers are with humans.

Square and Round Faces

As humans, we tend to like symmetrical things, and this is evident in recent dog grooming trends. The demand for pets to have symmetrical faces is growing and often involves skilled groomers to get the head shape just right. While this type of cut isn’t possible for all dogs, those who can will enjoy these geometric styles.

Nail Art

Another common grooming service among dog owners is polishing their pet’s nails. After they’ve clipped and buffed them, the groomer can apply safe, dog-friendly nail polish to make their furry client’s paws pop. For an even greater shine, they can even be adorned with nail jewels to make your pup look extra stylish.

Exceptional Dog Grooming Services For Your Exceptional Pet

Whether your pup is getting a simple trim or getting a tooth cleaning, Exceptional Pets is your go-to source for quality service. While we may not offer all of these flashy services, we specialize in providing our customers with quality grooming care to meet their every need, head to tail. Contact one of our locations today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert groomers!

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