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Fun Activity Pre-Fathers Day for You & Your Pet


Self quarantine has affected us all differently.  One of the positives is more time at home with your pets!  Have you noticed any change in your dog or cat since you’ve been spending more hours with them?  Or, have you noticed that they are bored?  Yes, canine and feline boredom is real, and if our pets aren’t engaged, they may look for something to do like chew on items in the house.  So we have a little boredom buster project to help keep your pets occupied for a bit, and you’ll end up with a furever keepsake!

Materials needed:
– Your dog or cat
– Non-toxic paint for kids
– Paintbrush
– Canvas or watercolor paper

1) Brush a little paint onto the paw of your pet.  You can use all one color, or make an assorted bouquet or any design.
2) Press your pet’s paw onto your canvas.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – it’s fun to see your pet at work.
3) Wash your pet’s paw with warm water and pet-friendly soap.

4) Once dry, write a personalized note inside or sign your pet’s name.

Have fun doing this! This is a beautiful keepsake, and a fun quarantine boredom buster that is pet-inclusive.  If you love the result, make some additional paintings as gifts or cards that you can mail to loved ones.

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