What to Consider In Your Pet Wellness Plan

One trend that is becoming popular for dog owners is investing in pet insurance. Many insurance policies will come with an optional feature known as a pet wellness plan. These plans are a great source of relief from costly veterinary bills and heartache for an ill pet.  But what is a pet wellness plan, and what should you consider before enrolling?

What is a Pet Wellness Plan?

While they serve a similar purpose, wellness plans will cover several different types of care that a regular pet insurance policy would not. A regular pet insurance policy will cover your vet costs after you pay your veterinarian for emergency services. A wellness plan is different because it will reimburse you for routine check-ups, also known as preventive care.

What Does a Pet Wellness Plan Cover?

Preventive treatments are extremely important in keeping your furry friend healthy. Much like human patients, getting a routine checkup can help avoid more serious complications down the line. Consider common care services, such as:

  • Mouth and teeth
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Heart and lungs
  • Joints and bones
  • Eyes and vision
  • Skin

Why You Need a Pet Wellness Plan

While these plans are optional, they are extremely helpful for pet owners whose animals are in need of routine care. This type of coverage is especially great for owners with puppies, kittens, and senior pets as these patients are in need of more check-ups. By signing up for a wellness plan early, your pet can get all of the care they need without breaking the bank.

Exceptional Vet Care for Your Exceptional Pets

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