Vet Care in Chandler, Arizona

The Best Vet Care in Chandler, Arizona

Our experienced and compassionate veterinarian team is here to help your pet live the healthiest, happiest life possible. From routine veterinary care to emergency vet hospitals, Exceptional Pets has your pet’s comfort and care in mind.  

#1 Wellness and Veterinary Care in Arizona

We know you would do anything for your pet – that’s why we offer the best vet care in Chandler, Arizona at shockingly affordable prices. Our number one goal is to keep you and your furry best friend together and happy for as long as possible. We work with pets of all ages and sizes, and we’ll work with you to create a personalized health care plan for your pet that meets their needs no matter where they are in their lifecycle. 

Vaccination Clinics

No appointment necessary
Fast, affordable, convenient examinations

Veterinary Services

Comprehensive veterinary care for your pets needs at all of our locations

Hospital Services

Emergency clinicians available when you need after hours expertise

Veterinary Services Offered

Exceptional Pets strives to offer the best vet care in Chandler Arizona. We offer a variety of veterinary services to ensure that your pet’s unique medical needs are met. Our dedicated, experienced team of veterinary experts is ready to help you develop a care plan designed to keep your pet healthy, happy, and active! 

Vaccination Clinics

No appointment or exam required, and all of our Chandler vaccination clinics are free for existing patients and all pets over a year old! All you have to do is show up on the designated vaccination clinic day and we’ll get your pet up to date on their shots.

Vaccination Clinic Times in Chandler

For information on current Chandler vaccination scheduling please visit the Vet Services page.

And if you and your pup need a little reward after being so good, check out the treat truck! Dogs Eating Cake is a delicious bakery dedicated to creating dog-friendly treats. They’ll park the treat truck right outside the Chandler clinic every Tuesday during vaccination hours.

Wellness Services

Our Wellness services include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm testing
  • Fecal testing
  • Microchipping

If your pet needs to come in for a check-up, our veterinary team is here to help! Our professional and caring veterinary staff will conduct a thorough examination of your pet before helping you develop a treatment plan.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is focused on proactively treating your dog or cat’s health before they become ill! Regular check-ups, flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, boosters, and dental care can all keep your pet looking and feeling great! Regular checkups also allow your vet to create a baseline from which to work in the event your fur baby does fall ill. Catch the signs of illness sooner and keep them from developing into debilitating conditions by keeping up with your pet’s preventative care.


While we can give you some basic estimates over the phone, we won’t know how much your specific visit will cost until we are able to examine your pet. The initial examination, performed by one of our experienced and compassionate vets, will inform what tests may need to be run and what treatment options will be available to you.
However, if you’ve never visited one of our vet hospitals before, we’re happy to offer your pet’s first physical exam at half price!
Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. One of our veterinary assistants will schedule a time that works for you and answer any questions you may have. We’re always grateful for the opportunity to prove why they call us the best vet care in Chandler, Arizona!
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